How to Wear Perfume

Wearing perfume is an art in itself. The days of simply dabbing a little on your wrists and neck ended long ago, and gave way to better methods that make the most of each perfume’s character.

There are benefits to each place to apply perfume, as well as drawbacks in some cases. Above all, you should wear perfume as you see fit, and in a way that suits your personal style and needs. Here are some ideas on where to apply your perfume.



Gabrielle Chanel was once quoted as saying that perfume should be worn anywhere you want to be kissed. Keep in mind that perfumes tasted better in her day, and this advice doesn’t hold up as well anymore (all perfumes now contain odourless bitter ingredients to prevent people from drinking them). Because of this, the back or front of your neck are much better places to apply perfume.

And a niche but very important tip: never spray perfume anywhere on your neck if you are wearing pearls, as it can damage their surface.



If you primarily wear perfumes for your own enjoyment (and you should!), nothing is better than applying them to your chest, as the scent will rise through the day as a constant reminder of how good you smell. 



Forget pulse points. Considering all the better alternatives, it’s best to skip your wrists when applying perfume. The problem with wrists is that they are constantly in contact with surfaces – whether it’s a desk, a mouse pad, or a wristwatch strap. This will cause a lot of the perfume oils to rub off or mingle with other oils already on that surface, and can result in weak or unpleasant scents. Try to think of places that won’t rub on surfaces, like your outer forearms or inner elbows.



On days (or nights) when you aren’t wearing sleeves, shoulders are a fantastic place to spray perfume because they are a large area that is close to others’ nose level, and is constantly exposed to the air. This will leave a beautiful wake, or sillage, as you walk.



Here’s something you may not have tried before: spray a hairbrush with your favourite perfume, wave it for a few seconds to let the alcohol evaporate, and then brush your hair. If you want the scent to be strong all day, even lingering into the next day, this is the best way to apply. The longer your hair, the better this will work, and once you’ve worn perfume in your hair, you will never look back. Try this with Silky Woods or Sunset Hour to create an unforgettable cloud of warm sweetness around you.



Our founder Dimitri Weber particularly loves to spray Pacific Rock Moss on a crisp white dress shirt, as the perfume portrays softness and cleanliness in a way that mirrors the garment perfectly. Fabric has an excellent ability to hold perfume, making it linger on you for hours and hours.

To rule out the possibility of stains, only spray fairly clear perfumes on clothes (e.g. Pacific Rock Moss or Bohemian Lime), particularly if they’re white. And don’t spray silk, as the colours can fade or bleed.


Above all, don’t spray too little – after all, half the enjoyment in wearing perfume is noticing the effect it has on others. Though the amount you should spray varies based on the strength of the perfume and on what occasion you are wearing it, we recommend at least seven full sprays, applied here and there. A dozen or more sprays is often appropriate at outdoor events, or if you want to make a subtle perfume a little ‘louder’. If in doubt, ask a friend whether they can smell your perfume, and if not, don’t be afraid to try spraying more next time. Fill the world with your wonderful perfume!

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