Purple Suede – The Latest Addition the Botanical Series

Purple Suede is an olfactory imagination of Tasmania’s aromatic fields of sunburnt lavender, where the fragrant purple spears are crisped by the fierce heat of the midday sun and sway serenely in the late afternoon breeze, brushing as they do against the flanks of majestic thoroughbreds and the stirruped leather boots of their gentleman farmer riders. As sophisticated as it is wild, Purple Suede is the beguiling new addition to Goldfield & Banks' Botanical Series of luxury Australian perfumes.

Aromatic and animalic at once, Purple Suede opens with a violet flash of Tasmanian Lavender – rich in its complex sweetness and clean, herbaceous freshness – and is rendered camphoraceous by the similarly purple pairing of the lavender with hyssop flowers. Soon after, coriander seed presents its suave peppered sweetness in contrast to the emerging amber accord of bone-dry cistus labdanum which, parched and coppery, is inescapable even in the opening.

Pushing into the heart, the richness of lavender and amber come to settle atop Woodleather, a smoky, sensuous accord of deeply-patinaed saddle leather and dark woods, shifting the balance of Purple Suede from aromatic to animalic. Beginning its ride into the dry down, this ambered animalic heart radiates with increased sensuality as patchouli and civet envelop the amber-burnished labdanum and Woodleather to reveal a rich and dry sillage.

Aromatic, animalic and elegant, Purple Suede is a perfume of precious woods, spices, luxurious leather, and pure Australian lavender – an ode to the pristine quality of Tasmanian lavender.



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