The Goldfield & Banks story actually begins on the other side of the world when the French-Belgian Dimitri Weber – like so many voyagers before him – set out on a journey to discover the curious, enigmatic land that lay far beyond the horizon.

Falling in love with Australia’s lush, aromatic, and botanical beauty, its sweeping plains, turquoise-fringed coasts, ochre-red interiors and harsh, dramatic landscapes, this world-wandering fragrance expert created Goldfield & Banks Australia. In doing so, he captured the essences of Australia’s stunning elements and made them his tribute to this unique, lustrous, and extraordinary continent.

In this quest to develop a botanical dream from a timeless land, Dimitri Weber created a luxurious and precious collection of gender-free fragrances featuring exceptional, pure, and rare Australian essences previously unexplored in modern perfumery.


Dimitri Weber, Founder and Creative Director

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Join us and experience the extraordinary
beauty of Australia and its botanical richness